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preg1_128Earth Babies is a South African venture set up to support mothers and babies.

The birth of Earth Babies was the introduction of Sally to cloth diapering and elimination communication during her stay in the UK. After returning to South Africa she looked for similar products and information but there was nothing around. Sally set out to meet this need. And so Earth Babies was born in 2005.

Sally ran the venture with passion, interest, dedication and positive feedback from satisfied clients as well as hands-on experience with her own children.

After nearly nine years of building this successful venture into a sought after business, Sally has decided to bow out and Adeline now brings on board this same passion for natural parenting as the new owner of Earth Babies.

Earth Babies is a home run business. Created to help inform and support parents seeking a more natural approach to birth and parenting, we put great effort into every aspect added to our website. When doing research into natural alternatives ourselves we found that there was an abundance of information and support for women in England and America but very little in South Africa. Our aim is to provide information about some of the natural approaches to birth and parenting. We cover topics like Natural birth, water-birth, attachment parenting, breastfeeding, baby wearing, elimination communication and more.

We offer products that give support to parents choosing a more instinctive (or also known as attachment parenting lifestyle): Cloth nappies/diapers, Slings, Wraps, Belly Casts and many other products.

Contact us with any suggestions, comments and questions. We will strive to answer all emails as promptly as possible, if we do not personally know the answer we will find out for you. We hope you find the information and products as useful as we have.

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